Wednesday, July 6, 2016

LaFon Family 4th of July!

Happy 4th Everyone! I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! I also hope everyone remembers why we have this day and why we celebrate. That is is not just about the fireworks and BBQ, and having some beers with friends.  It is about the day we gained our Independence and continue to have independence because of the brave men and women who fight for it while we are fast asleep in our beds.  To all those men and women, past, present, and future I thank you! 
With that said I had to work yesterday, but I got off early enough to spend the 4th with my Family.  Even J.J. came over for the afternoon/evening for dinner and fireworks.  When J.J. and Nicole picked me up from work we went and grabbed some drinks from the market and when I got home from work I ate dinner while J.J. and Nicole worked around on the computer- and of course I had to show off the YouTube videos my friend Andrea put on Youtube of the TVD Convention because he hadn't seen them yet! When it got dark enough Nicole grabbed all of her Pahrump fireworks from her room and we grabbed Heidi and the boys (who refused to go to sleep because they knew something was going on), and we all went outside to light off the fireworks.  We set off all different kinds like Jumping Jacks, Mortars, Sparklers, and Roman Candles.  We even got the kiddos involved in the fireworks.  We let them play with sparklers of all sizes and helped them hold the Roman Candles while they popped off.  Ryder had an extra good time with the long stemmed Sparklers.. He was so fearless.  He seriously was chasing us around the cul-de-sac in front of our house and just cracking us up! Turtle was afraid at first, and just couldn't deal with the sparklers or anything, but I think seeing Ryder so fearless he just had to get involved! Mario and Heidi too.  If you were wondering where Alyx was- she was fast asleep- the only one besides Jake (the 11 month old) haha! 
All in all it was a great night and we all had such a blast! Lots of laughs and smiles and oohs and ahhs from the kiddos big and small! P.S. Thanks Dad for supervising all of us! haha! Pics are below and if you wanna see vids check out my instagram or facebook for some that I have posted!


Peace & Love

Monday, July 4, 2016

Good Times With My Fam & Friends!

So in the past few months I have had some good times with the fam bam going bowling and playing board games... I have always been hanging out with my friend Monica. Well during all these hangs I managed to realize that I had the cool Snap-chat filters that I am now obsessed with and whenever I can I snap photos of myself or the kiddos or Monica. Board game fun as become a recent pastime for My Dad, Heidi, Nicole, and myself.  We have switched off mostly between Life and Monopoly, but I have also played Candy-land with Heidi a couple times as well! And like I said these Snap-chat filters are giving me life since I discovered my phone was capable of having them! There also a couple of randoms from Cinco De Mayo and just some cute ones of the kiddos I took over the last couple of months! They are just too cute to not snap pics of everything they do! I always included a few pics from my friends baby shower that I attended! Hope you enjoy the pics! 

Ryder is so cute no matter what he does- but this is just the cutest pic.. Him and Turtle love pretending to drive the car and honking the horn. Those two crack me up! 

One of my good friends and her boyfriend and roommate moved into a new house and even though I had had my Epidural Steroid Injection the day before and was super sore I just had to go and support in their house-warming party. 



Happy Mothers Day Mom!! We love you and all you do for us. You are truly amazing and one of a kind. I could not imagine having you as my Mom! I love you so much and not only are you my Mom, but my Best Friend! <333

Fun times with Monica... and Snap-Chat.. Haha!!

One of my good friends Whitney is due any day with her first baby, a boy Graham and my Mom and I attended her baby shower.  I cannot believe my friend, who I have known for 14 years when I was turning 14 and she was just about 10 is having a baby! I am so incredibly happy and excited for her and her husband Jacob. They are going to be amazing parents to the little baby and I could not be happier! I mean we all know how much I love little ones and this one is gonna be so spoiled by Auntie Molly! <3

Bowling Fun with the Fam.. Ryder even got a strike and so did Mario! 

Whew.. I think I am all caught up.. and its officially the 4th of July as I write this.. so I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!! 

Peace & Love